proBodha© enables process owners to track the process execution, identify process delays and bottlenecks act in near real time. It also provides variety of reports. It is an invaluable process-monitoring tool for process owners, administrators and management.

proBodha© gives you complete control over the business processes that are executing in the process execution engine proBodha©.

This is the process monitor that helps process owners and administrators in monitoring business processes in real time. The process monitor provides a view into the internal workings of the process orchestrator. Summary or specific details about any process type or instance may be seen in a diagrammatic view. The path of the process instance in the process model is pictorially depicted for easy understanding. State details about a process instance may be recalled for any point in time since its instantiation. Messages that were sent and received at various activities may be reviewed.

First part of each product name “pro” refers to process, and the second part Bodha means Knowledge in Sanskrit, classical language of South Asia.