Typical Business Processes involve both software systems and people. Another reality with many processes is that there are parts of process where it is very difficult to define a structured process. Process parts where manual intervention is required are invariably difficult to model at sufficient level of detail. proChara© provides a task-based interface for users, who may perform actions based on assignments.

It facilitates the same level of monitoring and tracking for human / amorphous / dynamic process steps, as with the structured processes. It provides users an interface where they see their tasks, perform actions pertaining to the tasks and move it to the next person. It provides several workflows, collaboration and self-help features that are indispensable for amorphous processes where human intelligence is of importance to further the process. proChara© provides ad-hoc process management capabilities. Certain types of processes, which are inherently ad-hoc in nature, cannot be defined up front and invariably involve human intervention and decision.

First part of each product name “pro” refers to process, and the second part Chara is a synonym in Sanskrit, classical language of South Asia.