proGhata© enables business analyst to model business processes through visual notations, deploy it and validate the models through form based user interface. It supports WS-BPEL 1.1 specifications. The tool allows users to model business processes and automatically generate BPEL code that can be executed by a BPEL engine. With proGhata©, process modeling will be in the hands of domain experts rather than technology experts. Business analysts who are domain experts would model processes instead of software engineers. Process modeling is by a user friendly and intuitive pictorial diagramming.

Merit’s BEM software allows modeling businesses in terms of common entities such as organization structure, core business processes, process activities and flow, functional departments, roles specific to departments, user groups (teams) association with departments, Information security levels and so on. It provides for definition of business events that need to be tracked at various levels.

First part of each product name “pro” refers to process, and the second part Ghata means Assemblage in Sanskrit, classical language of South Asia.