proVidha© is the core process execution engine. This is the process container where several automated business processes may be run. The engine reads the process and partner service definitions from the BPEL and WSDL files. Several different business processes can simultaneously be run in proVidha© supports all WS-BPEL1.1 activities thereby allowing simultaneous, sequential, conditionals, nested and several other complex process patterns.

Every instance of every process will be tracked. People and systems that interact with proVidha© need not have any process intelligence. Process changes / fine-tuning can be seamless and smooth. Process exceptions can be caught and compensating activities triggered automatically.

proVidha© comes in two flavors. One as standalone software that doesn’t require any middleware application server and another that works with a J2EE middleware server. The J2EE middleware based version piggybacks on the J2EE enterprise scalability features. On the other hand, the standalone version has a small footprint with little dependencies on other infrastructure software, enhancing the load capacity of every instance of the process engine. While proVidha© is architect for enterprise scalability, the standalone version can cater to small and medium businesses.

Process Orchestration: orchestrating messages across different systems and people as per the process definition runs a process instance. The process layer here integrates diverse systems and people. The process model defines the rules of the orchestration. Messages are received and sent from and to partner services as per the defined WSDL service interfaces.

First part of each product name “pro” refers to process, and the second part Vidha means Direct in Sanskrit, classical language of South Asia.