Merit Systems has developed several Internet messaging products. These products are low cost, easy to deploy and administer. They provide very quick returns on investment.

GIFTultemail – Mail server for Intranet mail with gateway to Internet mail (including over dialup lines).

httpGIFT – Web based mail interface for POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4 based mail systems.

pop@GIFT – Internet mail gateway (including over dialup) for popular messaging platforms like MS-Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino, Lotus cc:Mail, MS-Mail, Novell GroupWise, Netscape Mail Sever, Unix mail server, Linux mail server, etc. Uses POP3 / SMTP protocols for Internet mail communications.

GIFTesms – E-mail to SMS gateway.

GIFTefax – E-mail to fax gateway with low cost routing via Internet.

ftpGIFT – A batch file transfer software including scheduled transfers (including over dialup).

uucpGIFT – Similar to pop@GIFT but uses UUCP protocol for Internet mail communications.